Carriculum Vitae
Your CV is your chance to introduce yourself to a desired employer, first impressions count.
You are having the first conversation with a potential boss and you need to show the best of what you've got.
This needs to be done in a way that is interesting and to the requirements of the position. Selling your good points is important.
Along with your cover letter, this is a vital stage of gaining the job you have applied for.
There are some basic rules to follow if you want to make the best impression.
We will discuss your C.V. with you & send you any alterations in wording and presentation that we think will improve the strengh of your first introduction.
Attending an interview can be intense if you are not ready.
Presentation & preperation is the key.
We will help you.
Once you have gained an interview through ourselves, we will pre-interview you, to ensure you are focussed on the needs of the employer & the right
proffesional for the position.
This process is also a way to see if both yourself & the client
are the right combination for a successful future & career.